PTA - Reservoir Evaluations Laboratory

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Industry Expertise

Our staff is comprised of recognized leaders in the evaluation of core sample

Advanced Capabilities

Includes MICP, Grain Density, Pore Size Analysis, XRD analysis, SEM, Soxhlet Extraction

Expedited Full Reporting

You will receive a full evaluation report with a turn-around,
in most cases, of less than 2 weeks

MICP – Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure

Analysis to evaluate the porosity and matrix permeability distributions in unconventional reservoirs

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Sample Preparation - Soxhlet Extraction

Full service cleaning laboratory with toluene and methanol extractions for proper sample prep prior to instrumental analysis

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Grain Density By Gas Pycnometry

Obtain the true, absolute, skeletal density of a core sample through non-destructive helium pycnometry

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Pore Size By Gas Adsorption

Adsorption isotherms will indicate reservoir capacity as well as reveal important information about pore volume, area, and pore distribution

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XRD X-Ray Diffraction

Provides critical information about rock composition and bulk mineralogy to help in improving the choice of drilling and stimulation fluids

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SEM Microscopy

Analysis used to understand pore types and their effects on permeability and porosity as well as to investigate the difference between natural and induced fractures

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