Reservoir Evaluations Laboratory

Cleaning & sample prep

Soxhlet Extraction –

Cleaning and Sample Preparation

Core samples are taken from the bottom-hole of wells that are drilled. These samples are then transported to our laboratory for analysis. Cleaning is necessary to permit instrumental analysis and must be done in a controlled and prescribed manner to preserve the original properties of the reservoir rock.

Soxhlet or Dean Stark extraction is the most commonly used cleaning method. Solvents are evaporated and flowed through the core samples removing contaminating fluids and extraneous substances incurred during the drilling process. The fluids condensate, and then are evaporated in a continuous closed process.

Within the PoroTechnology lab we utilize extractions using methanol (for water/salt removal) or toluene (to remove oil or drilling fluids) based on the core sample character or by specified request from our clients. Several extraction cycles are repeated continuously until the sample is clean of all oil, or water and salt, which accumulate in the distillation flask.​