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Poro Technology is a company focused on providing analytical evaluations for the recovery of energy from conventional and non-conventional oil and gas reservoirs. Our staff here is extremely conscious of the importance of speed and accuracy in providing your results and how critical the provided data is to your success, efficiency and return on investment.  We are continually adding additional analytical techniques that help our client better understand their reservoir potential.

Bonnie Wilson
    Bonnie Wilson Lab Coordinator
    Joshua Dill
    Joshua Dill Business Manager
    Tristram Dodds
    Tristram Dodds Special Core Analyst III

    Services Provided:

    Analysis to Evaluate the Porosity and Matrix Permeability Distributions in Unconventional Reservoirs
    Full service cleaning laboratory with toluene and methanol extractions for proper sample- prep prior to instrumental analysis
    Obtain the true, absolute, skeletal density of a core sample through non-destructive helium pycnometry
    Provides critical information about rock composition and bulk mineralogy to help in improving the choice of drilling and stimulation fluids
    Analysis used to better understand pore types and their effects on permeability and porosity as well as to investigate the difference between natural and induced fractures