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Grain Density

Grain Density –

By Gas Pycnometry

Grain density measurement of core samples are an important parameter that is used to determine the gas storage potential of rock reservoirs. Gas pycnometry, based on Boyles law, is performed on intact cores or crushed samples to measure grain volume which, with the initial mass, yields grain density. Measured bulk and grain density are combined to deduce porosity.

A gas displacement pycnometer, with a larger sample chamber designed specifically to accept intact drill cores, provides a low-cost, time-saving, non-destructive technique for measuring the skeletal volume. Knowing the envelope and skeletal volumes of a core sample allows the total pore volume percent porosity of the sample to be determined.

These is an important analytical technique that :

  • Determines reservoir effective porosity
  • Provides measurement of grain densities
  • Indicates the degree of fluid flow and transport through the geological formation
AccuPyc II 1340

Gas Displacement Pycnometry System

GeoPyc 1365

Envelope Density Analyzer


CorePyc-Density of Intact Core Samples