Reservoir Evaluations Laboratory

Pore Size – Volume

Pore Size/Volume –

By Gas Adsorption

Pore volume provides a measurement of the capacity of organic and non-organic components of the shale to store gas. Through the application of sub-critical nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas adsorption, the acquired analytical data will indicate capacity as well as reveal information about pore volume, area, and pore distribution.

Gas adsorption analysis by sub-critical gas adsorption is used to characterize core samples to determine:

  • Free gas stored within pores
  • Adsorbed gas on the surface and within the organic matter
  • Dissolved gas in pore fluids
  • Mesoporosity, microporosity, and total pore volume character
  • Desorption kinetics for estimating the rate of gas production

High Resolution, High-throughput Physisorption and
Chemisorption Instrument